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A book about grief and loss with practical help and advice for you and your support crew

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My Story

My name is Clare, and I'm Annaliese's Mummy.  

The day Annaliese died suddenly and unexpectedly aged seven, I changed forever.  Complex grief and loss became a part of my everyday world and I had to learn how to navigate this new path that had been thrown in front of me.

I've learnt so much since the death of my wonderful little girl, about grief and loss, about myself, about relationships and about being the parent of a child that's no longer here.

At times it felt impossible, but it's not.  I'm proof of that and I want to help you find a way to cope (at first) and then to live alongside your grief.  I want to help those around you understand how to support better, and leave you feeling less isolated and alone. 

Thank you for reading my story and buying the book 'And always Annaliese x', I hope it helps you get through today and then tomorrow. 

My story
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If you are interested in talking to me about what I've learned about grief and loss with a view to helping others cope with a devastating loss (or helping to guide their support crew) then please contact me at


Annaliese's Mummy

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